D-11 Chapter 5 Part 2

I finally got to making this part. Hope you all enjoy!

(This is the transmission of Luke, me, and Sam over the watches)

“Hello,” said Sam
“How did you know we were about to talk to you?” I said.
“Really? There is really simple technology out there that does that. It’s hard to believe you wouldn’tknow that. Especially since you are quite a different person in quite a different organization. I’m not even going to ask where you are from or what organization. You wouldn’t tell me,”said Sam.
“True, I’m just overreacting. Why are you doing this?” I replied.
“Why would anyone do such a thing? Really, you should think about this stuff. Now, I assume you know my name, or don’t you in your very small world?”
“Sam. I’m not stuipid. However I am different, I can at that.”
“And what would your name be?”
“Zach.” I said somewhat coldly.
“And the name of the person sitting next to you trying to be unnoticed?” asked Sam.
“Luke.” I said frustrated.
“Luke, seeing as you’ve tried- and mostly failed for that matter- to hack into my ship, why don’t you talk to me too?” Luke remained silent.
“Uh… Luke? He has the advantage currently. I’d recommend replying.” Luke remained still and unspeaking.
“Luke, I am not hearing your voice on my radio. Is something the matter?” said Sam.
Then Luke whispered to me.”I used to be a double agent. I was his first mate, you could say. He knows me very well. I was working against him in my double agenting, and he found out. He thinks I’m dead. Or maybe not, he knows I’m tricky. If he hears me he’ll know it’s me.”
Sam demanded now,”Luke. Talk with me. Now. You don’t want to be blown to bits, now, do you?”
Suddenly Luke yelled into the mic,”Hi Sam. What do you want?”
Sam was quiet for a minute.”Is it—you, Cris? Oh, but that’s not your real name, it’s really Luke, right? Well good for you, I’ve pinpointed your location. Prepare to be blown to bits anyway.”
We leaped out the window, and Kate was right behind us with Grant. We didn’t even ask how she hit him so fast. We caught up with the others fast, and yelled,”RUN! He’s armed and firing soon!”
We didn’t need to tell them twice. We split up to be safe, and we went to the Motel 6. They said they almost closed because of Sam, but they found he wasn’t going that way.
We saw on the news, the wreckage of Raleigh. Police were examining a note they found in Raleigh’s wreckage. It said bring Luke for safety of your capital. Luke was wanted nationwide now. Lukes were being questioned everywhere. Sam had yet again made the scene more chaotic. But worst of all, Sam wasn’t going to spare the capital. He just wanted us dead.



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D-11 Chapter 5 Part 1

We reached Raleigh before Sam did, but not before he decimated Williamsburg. While we were there, we noticed a sharply dressed man who seemed to be waiting for something. He was in the shadows, so as not to be seen. Didn’t he know Sam was headed right toward here?
Luke had successfully made a rough plan of where Sam would probably go. He had also found out a few minor details about his ship and such. He knew that when Sam was done with Raleigh there might not be any wireless communication. Or with wires, for that matter. So he would only be able to use his stuff for hacking- hopefully. Steve had his eye on the sharply dressed man. Then he saw it- a sheet of paper sticking out of his pocket-all he could see on the paper was LoCK, but he knew what the rest said.”I know that crazy capitalization anywhere,” he whispered to me. We were in an abandoned apartment, and we could see Sam advancing toward us. When I looked down at where the man was standing, he was gone.
“He sure is mysterious,” I said.”wait, Luke, look up LoCKeDouT-and hurry!”
“Why…oh yeah… The presidential bunker… Sam coming… I’ll bet he’s in on it!”
“Kate, go get him, spy on him first, then take him here, you go to Steve.”
“Ok, where should we bring him?”said Kate.
“Hmmm… I will tell u when u get him.”
Steve found that LoCKeDouT was really making the bunker, so that was a problem. I found a Motel 6 outside of the path of Sam, which we could bring the man to. Grant, the website said his name was. We could go to the hotel, check in, and ask him questions AND keep moving. Which worked out for us. We needed to keep moving.
Sam reached Raleigh in what seemed like no time flat. The team closest to Sam almost got in… But didn’t quite.We talked to him, though. It appears he knew we were there. Here is the recording Luke saved:(coming in part two)

D-11 Chapter 4 Part 2

My chapter 4 was a bit short. I’ve been thinking hard, and I have a few good ideas for this book. Enjoy!


Meanwhile, in the big Trimex, Sam was talking with his best spy, the president of LoCKedOuT, a service that protects your house and makes 5-star locks, bunkers, security systems, and other stuff, his average citizen, and his captain.

“What is it like down there?”, said Sam to the average citizen.
“You’re horrible!!!!!!”, said he,”Why are you doing such a bad thing? Everyone used to like you!”
“Yes I will agree I am terrible. Not deactivating you, such a shame.”
“But don’t you want me? I’ve given you the info you need.”
“Yes… But you are not needed anymore. Send him down… Deactivated.”
“Yes. And some advice in the future. Never trust a bad guy. I know I am one. Now Michael…”
“Yes? I have retrieved the info on the strange people that keep appearing. Also I hacked into the CIA and found…”, said Sams best spy.
“…Yes I know. I’m surprised even for you, it didn’t the news. But then again, it’s not like the CIA will just say hey we can be hacked into come and get it. What I need to know is who those people are. I have a feeling I know, but I’m not sure.”
They are a secret organization trained to know what is happening and stop it. They are almost better than me. But they will be nothing against us.”
“Activate the instant deactivator,” said Sam. Suddenly a hum came to the cabin, but quickly went.”Its on a mile radius, right?”
“Yes sir,” said the captain.
“ok. Please continue to retrieve info from them.”
“Yes sir.”
“how is the bunker?”
“almost complete. As is the final destination,” said the president of LoCKedOuT.
“good. Hurry with it.”
“will do.”
“Yes sir?”
“hurry to Williamsburg. We need to get to Raleigh fast, before the… Other organization.”
“Full speed ahead. Yes sir,” said the captain.
“Good. Grant, Michael, you may leave. Status report right after Raleigh.”
“make sure to keep a good eye on them, Michael.”
Sam smiles, thinking of how well he is doing. “this will be interesting. I can’t wait to see what they intend to do to me.”