Here i’ll give you tutourials.

how to make a simple 3d game.

ok, here’s how to make a simple 3d game.

first, go to http://www.3drad.com/ an click download. download and install it.

once it’s done, open it. it will look like this.

then click objects>add and select terrain.

once you do that, you will have a big area that’s mostly green and grassy.

then click objects>add and select p-car.

it should apear in the middle of terrain. then  click and hold the up tool and drag the car up.

then on the left side of the screen, while p-car is selected, check terrain. this will link p-car to terrain, so it won’t fall through it.

then click object>add and select g-force while p-car is selected. link g-force to p-car.

the screen will look like this

then zoom out by pressing pgdn on your k-bourd, or scrolling down the center clicker on your mouse.

press space and your game will run. the car will fall and hit the ground, and you can drive with the arrow keys. you will notice that your car drives right off the screen. so here’s how to fix it.

select p-car in the left menu, and click object>add and select cam-chase. link it to car. it  will look like this.


using the tools in the window, (like the up tool) move the cam-chase so that it’s facing the back of the car.

then double click cam-chase in the left menu. a window will pop up. set the translations spead to 0.997

click ok and press space. your game is done. press escape to stop the game.

if you want more tutourials on 3drad, comment.

i don’t know if this will work, but here is a download to the project.

when you get to the download page, scroll down and click slow download(because it’s free)








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